Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

We don't deliver training, we train to deliver business results.

White Belt Training

This eLearning course is ideal for anyone interested in continuous improvement or future attendance to a Lean Six Sigma training course.

Problem Solving

From Supply Chain Excellence to IT Business Transformation, Lean Six Sigma can enable sustainable business improvement in any business function or industry.

Online Boot Camp

Free eLearning, tools, templates, downloads, calculators, refrence guides and much more, to help you deliver Lean Six Sigma results, quickly.

LEAN Fundamentals

Overview of Lean as a set of principles and techniques aimed at simplifying operations, eliminating waste and carrying out more value creating activities by developing people and processes.

Concept of Process Variation - Explained

At the heart of Six Sigma is the principle of Variation. If you have the right knowledge, you can study Process Variation in terms of Business Efficiency as explained in this Video Tutorial.

Lean Six Sigma Belt Structure and Skills

Lean Six Sigma is normally executed by professionals known as Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts – terms created originally by Motorola.


What we do

We can act as subject matter experts to teach, coach and help you learn the knowledge and skills to apply the most valuable continuous improvement tools and techniques to address your business challenges.

While we are “experts” in Lean Six Sigma, our focus is on practical and flexible methods that build confidence and enthusiasm to address critical needs for nearly every type of initiative, function or industry.

We don’t deliver training, we train to deliver business results.

Accelerated Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification courses are held at our UK Training Venue:

Heaton Mount, University of Bradford School of Management.


On-line Boot Camp

Free access to elearning, tools, templates, downloads, practice exams and much more, to help you learn and apply Lean Six Sigma.