Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

We don't deliver training, we train to deliver business results.

eLearning White Belt

60 minute media-rich Introduction to Fundamental Lean and Six Sigma priciples, tools and techniques. Complete the On-line White Belt Exam and Download your certificate upon succesful completion.

Problem Solving

Our team is comprised of highly skilled, highly effective, exceptionally motivated problem solvers and change agents who deliver results, quickly.

Online Boot Camp

World class eLearning, templates, free downloads, calculators, refrence guides and much more, to help you with your continuous improvement journey.

From Mass Production to Lean

In the early 19th century, a revolution took place that changed the methods of industrial production. The shift was made from handcraft to industrial mass production, thanks to the innovative genius of Henry Ford.

What is Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a compilation of statistical concepts and process improvement tools and techniques put together in a systematic way to get results.

Process Variation - Explained

To understand Six Sigma means that you first have to accept that variation exists in everything. Sometimes the variation may be too small to detect but it is still there.


What we do

We act as Lean Six Sigma subject matter experts to teach, coach and help you learn the knowledge and skills to apply the most valuable continuous improvement tools and techniques to address your business challenges.

While we are “experts” in Lean Six Sigma, our focus is on practical and flexible methods that build confidence and enthusiasm to address critical needs for nearly every type of initiative, function or industry.

We don’t deliver training, we train to deliver business results.

Hundreds of organization’s and thousands of business professionals across a broad range of industries and business dynamics have attended the Game Change Accelerated Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification program, held at Heaton Mount, University of Bradford School of Management, UK.

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2016 Training Calendar

Open Enrolment Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt Training courses held in the UK, Channel Islands, Denmark and Norway.